Health benefits of different colors

Giving charge of your health to colour therapy

Colour Therapy
Colors itself holds lots of importance in a person life. Often colors are segregated as vibrant and dull colors, the fact these categories of colors poses strong influences on a person’s life. The enthralling fact to note is that colors are used to treat people. In fact, it is an integrated approach to deal with person’s emotion. It is believed that colour therapy is a technique where colors containing electromagnetic energy are received by the cells helps them to develop.

Effects of colors on the chakras of human body:

Although color theory was invented long back, but there are several hidden benefits. It has been found that the color vibrations have a direct relation with the human chakras.
  1. Yellow color becomes quite active on solar plexus chakra.
  2. Throat chakra is ruled by colors like violet and blue.
  3. While the red color is dominant on the root chakra.
  4. The orange color operates on the sacral chakra.
  5. The throat chakra is influenced by the purple color.
  6. The green color works on the heart chakra
  7. The last color is the brown which actively helps to heal the rest of the chakras.

Health benefits of different colors;

  1. Red color: the red is the most powerful color helps to regulate liver problems, releases migraine pain, helps to control the nervous system. In addition to this deals with female fertile problems as well.

  1. Orange color: it works to rectify flatulence, gas disorder, takes care of the parathyroid glands, checks hiccups, and cures any kind of skin infection.

  1. Yellow: this helps to rectify the loss of appetite, in fact takes care of the problems associated with gall bladder, liver, pancreas. In addition to this, it prevents the growth worms inside the body.

  1. Green: This color helps to cure the digestive disorders, clotting of blood, tremors, shaking, curing cuts, sores etc.

  1. Blue: this color works the best for treating problems associated with parathyroid, lungs, mouth, and throat. In addition to this, helps to reduce weight, treats goiters, cures from fever, it calms the muscle. Most importantly it invokes a sense of peace in the body.

  1. Aqua: This actually takes care of the process of blood circulation in the entire body. Simultaneously helps to treat dyslexia, fever and other inflammations. In addition to this, it is quite effective in reforming the injured, burnt skin. An outstanding healer of scratches, marks, sores and other infections. Aside these, it helps to reduce headache and helps to get a clear eye-sight.

Conclusion: It is important to tell that color therapy or chromotherapy is a wonderful solution to people suffering from different health problems, at the same time; it heals mental traumas as well.

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