Success comes after failure – is it true?





According to experts, for achieving great success, there is a need for the individual to embrace failure prospects. As a matter of fact, the sweetest victory is considered to be the one which is the most difficult. It needs the person to reach down within himself to fight everything that he has got, to be eager to leave all things on the battlefield, without actually knowing until coming to the do or die moment as to if his/her heroic effort would be sufficient or not.

Success or defeat
It has been noticed that majority of the people tend to fear of being rejected by others or being told negative things about them. What they do not understand is that society simply does not reward defeats. Hence, the individual would not find any type of failures to be documented in any of the history books available on Earth. However, the exceptions are that failures could prove to be stepping stones for achieving success later in life.

Trying not to avoid failure
There are many people who simply may want to avoid prospect of defeat. In fact, they are so much focused on not trying to fail that they forget to aim for achieving success, to settle rather than for a mediocre life. When people make missteps, they might gloss over it, editing selectively mistakes or miscalculations made in life.
To many in today’s highly success driven society, defeat and failures could be just be regarded to be a non-option and deemed to be a deficiency. Of all things that people are wrong about, this particular idea regarding error and mistakes could be on top of the list. In general, people get wrong about what exactly means ‘wrong’. Hence, far from being intellectual inferiority sign, capacity to mistake is vital to human cognition.

Greatest teacher in life
On taking closer look at great thinkers who have existed throughout history, willingness to take upon defeat is not something new or an extraordinary thought. Right from Darwin, Augustine as well as Freud to sports legends and business mavericks of today, defeat and failures has acted as powerful tool towards reaching the pinnacle of success, something that cannot be denied. It can be stated that defeats and failures are greatest teachers in life, but unfortunately, many people, especially of the more conservative corporate cultures might not want to visit there. Instead, they would prefer to play it very safe and to fly below radar, trying to repeat similar safe choices again and again.

Conclusion: Positive thinking and mind frame can definitely help to get rid of such chaos in mind and the health and happiness workshop can be useful for the same.


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