Peer pressure and how to handle it





Peer pressure has turned into a huge problem in the recent. A child who faces this problem daily has lots of depression inside them. The peer pressure affects children very much. Even sometimes, they are taken to a psychiatrist for their mental pressure, which has happened due to this kind of pressure. Not standing up for this is equal to supporting the offense.
There are some tips given below to stop affecting to the child:
  1. Standing up straight: One should stand up straight in order to keep up and show their self-confidence. That will be an answer for the peers too. Bullies are easy to make on rounded shoulders, but it is difficult to bully a straight shoulder. It shows how confident a child is with himself/herself.

  1. Making of eye contact: When a peer pressures another peer, it shows that one is not, sure on what is he/she choosing to do. By looking at them with dead eyes makes the pressurizing pier make a loss of their confidence. Therefore, an eye contact can strictly make the pressurizing peer to maintain a safe distance from the other.

  1. End of making excuses: Excuses are not meant to make when one can say directly “no” to something, which he/she does not want to do. There are ways of answering negatively such as “no thank you” “I don’t want to,” “I am good without it”. Making of excuses can give more privilege of being bullied. Therefore, saying “No” is the best way to avoid being bullied.

  1. Suggestion for doing something else: One needs to be wiser in choosing friends. There are many friends available. Doing something else with someone else is a good way of handling pressure. One needs to be sensible enough to choose their friend circle. This will be beneficial for him/her later on.

  1. Walking away: The best solution from being bullied is walking away from that place. They might tease one for it but ignoring it can help. In order to maintain a safe distance from those kinds of peers whose motive is to bully others is walking away from them. One needs to be smart enough to walk away from these situations and show the others that they do not matter to him/her.

  1. Standing up for others: When many shoulders stand up together, they can make the opponent weak. This means if one stands up for another against this bully and the person doing it, they can together stop the others to maintain pressure. Therefore, a person needs to be supportive enough to others who are against the bullies to stop the pressure.

  1. Remembering oneself: A person needs to have belief in oneself. He/she needs to follow his/her principles. If one does not like something, he/she should try to either change it or leave it as it is. In addition, make him/her busy being an amazing person. One needs to try focusing on oneself and whatever they want to be. Changing oneself for others is just a waste of time and energy. Therefore being oneself who they are is best.

Peer pressure is difficult to take but easy to avoid. The Pressurising one’s own mind is not good. Therefore, following these tips can help one over come peer pressure.


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