Why Some People don’t benefit from Law of Attraction?

 It has been seen that people mostly claim that the law of attraction doesn’t work for them and that they have not experienced any changes in their lives. The reason is quite simple and clear. It doesn’t work for many people due to the mere reason that they are unaware of the difference between attaining goals – which is affirmed to be an emotional as well as habitual process and setting the goals – which is a rational and imaginative process. So, if you really wish to make the law work for you by getting activated then you must ensure that both emotional and the logical brain parts get synchronized.
Human nature is such that we tend to emotionalize and get associated with the desire that we hold within, be it a certain outcome or a goal. There is a vibration that attaches your inner power with the goal. The strength of your vibration will be lost if you fail to pay due attention to the inner vibration. You must think about the desires or goals in life with a conscious mind, by utilizing your deductive reasoning or imagination power. The selection and decision in regards to your wish is made by the conscious mind alone. Remember the unique rule – implementer of your dreams is your subconscious mind whereas the chooser is the conscious mind.
Most of the people would never be able to reap positive outcomes using the law mainly because their positive thinking is not aligned to their unconscious values, habits and beliefs. You will never make the most out of the law simply by inheriting the goal or desire, penning it down on a paper or having the correct vision. What you really need to do is to get both your subconscious and conscious mind harmonize with one another. A correlation must be created between the two brain parts. For example, you listen to an orchestra where the instruments do not respond in harmony with one another. Herein, you will only listen to a lot of noise or sound but this sound will never appear to be good. In short, harmony must be created among your habits, beliefs, goals and vision.
To put it more simple, your goal should first be emotionalized and then subconscious mind will be used for impressing this goal. This will activate your soul, mind and body so that all the parts work in fulfilling your desires and goals. So, the Law of Attraction works in this way. Though the Universe does every bit so that you get what you wish for but it is your duty to ensure that you make every effort to turn your dream into a reality. The law will work for you only when you understand as well as work it out effectively.
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