Nurture Your Chakras Using Color Healing Meditation
Do you like red or does the color blue dominate in your wardrobe? The last time you bought an outfit, were you surprised that the dress that caught your attention was yellow but you owned nothing yellow? Do you experience days when only one color appeals to you and you feel like wearing the same color everyday? Well, all of this simply means that the body’s mind spirit has a subtle way of indicating towards balancing ourselves. We feel balanced and healthy when our mind, body and spirit are working harmoniously together.

Meditation is one such powerful medium that can help reprogram any negative emotion and thought causing illness. Practicing color healing meditation has also become an extremely popular holistic healing treatment nowadays but to successfully accomplish it, you must first understand the relationship between color and the chakras. There are seven chakras in our body located in a straight line with our spine. This line runs down the center of the body from the top of head to the base of the spine. Every chakra in our body is an energy center and represents its unique color.

The color healing meditation means focusing on each of your chakras and their color vibrations in order to bring balance in both mind and body that promotes healing and peace of mind. Color plays a vital role in our daily lives. You will probably notice that some colors are easier to visualize than others and every color offers a different feeling overall. Every person may experience different between colors and physical or emotional feelings. For example- the color red is associated with fire and heat, therefore visualizing red can help increase physical feelings of warmth and emotions of passion and anger. At the same time, it can also strengthen the blood and improve circulation as its color signifies blood and courage.

The color orange is associated with health. When we talk about orange color, carrots and oranges is what comes to our mind. They are both rich in vitamin A and Vitamin C. According to the great visualizing experts across the world, the color orange stimulates vitality and joy. By visualizing this color, a person can easily balance ones physical and emotional system and side-by-side encourage a state of well being to manifest within you.

Yellow is an active color. It is the color of sun and therefore is warm but not flaming hot. The color yellow may be more little more difficult to sustain in healing meditation than that of other colors because of the brightness and vastness of this color. Knowing the importance of every color will not only help you retore harmony but the color healing meditation will also provide you with cleansing, balancing and healing at all levels. is a one stop destination for all your color meditation needs. Free workshops and consultation too is provided to the visitors who wish to know more about color meditation and improve the quality of life they are living.

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