7 wonders your brain can do






It is often said that the human body is the most wonderful of the machines that exist in the world. The statement holds great relevance to truth. Now, if we call the human body a machine, it has to have its control panel, which would be more complicated and wondrous that the criticalities of the machine itself. In humans, it is their brain.

Human brain –The master computer

Nothing can match the capabilities of the human brains. The brains that had invented the computer, the innumerable scientific innovations, and the exploration of various critical applications, definitely must advance than what it had produced. However, several scientific researchers had accounted for the data that an average human being ever uses more than one-tenth of its total capabilities. Thus, the full extent of the capacities of the human brain is still unknown.
Wondrous capacities of the brain 
These days, there had been several of the efforts made over the improvement of the brain functioning. Individuals who can improve the functioning of their brains are nothing different from genius. However, even if the average of the men does some exercises over the improvement of the brain functioning, the term miracles would fail to explain its wonders.
Improvement in brain functioning can bring the following changes:
  1. The receptivity of the brain can grow to an extent that the students would be able to learn their academic syllabuses ten times faster than usual.
  2. All of the negative traits like fear, anxiety, and stress can be completely removed from the mind. However, the removal of these bitter things inevitably requires the person to think more positively. Therefore, should one desires to improve functionality of his brain, he is ought to learn how to think positively. It is often said that the body is the projection of the mind. Thus, the stronger is the current of the positive thinking inside, the stronger the brain turns.
  3. The improvement of the brain-functions can make a person more performing. It had been seen that in students whose brain functions had been made to improve, they had been even able to double their academic scores. In professionals, the performance had turn more productive.
  4. Upon a highly functional brain, the retention capacities are multiplied compared to the previous standing.
  5. It turns the people to become completely self-driven and thus the level of confidence and self-esteem rises by significant extents.
  6. It handhold the people to realize their respective career goals. It is not that all the people have to build their career, I the same field. Now there are chances that each of the people proceeds in their respective career through a common way. The improved brain functioning gives this power of introspection that enables a person to find out what exactly he wants and thus the application of the solutions to it become easier.
  7. Improvement In brain functioning to exceptional level can produce the capacity to foresee and foretell the things that are supposed to happen in future times.
The human brain can produce such wonders that shall be hard to conceive. However, one needs to be a positive thinker to take the brain to that extent of functionality.
Nurture Your Chakras Using Color Healing Meditation
Do you like red or does the color blue dominate in your wardrobe? The last time you bought an outfit, were you surprised that the dress that caught your attention was yellow but you owned nothing yellow? Do you experience days when only one color appeals to you and you feel like wearing the same color everyday? Well, all of this simply means that the body’s mind spirit has a subtle way of indicating towards balancing ourselves. We feel balanced and healthy when our mind, body and spirit are working harmoniously together.

Meditation is one such powerful medium that can help reprogram any negative emotion and thought causing illness. Practicing color healing meditation has also become an extremely popular holistic healing treatment nowadays but to successfully accomplish it, you must first understand the relationship between color and the chakras. There are seven chakras in our body located in a straight line with our spine. This line runs down the center of the body from the top of head to the base of the spine. Every chakra in our body is an energy center and represents its unique color.

The color healing meditation means focusing on each of your chakras and their color vibrations in order to bring balance in both mind and body that promotes healing and peace of mind. Color plays a vital role in our daily lives. You will probably notice that some colors are easier to visualize than others and every color offers a different feeling overall. Every person may experience different between colors and physical or emotional feelings. For example- the color red is associated with fire and heat, therefore visualizing red can help increase physical feelings of warmth and emotions of passion and anger. At the same time, it can also strengthen the blood and improve circulation as its color signifies blood and courage.

The color orange is associated with health. When we talk about orange color, carrots and oranges is what comes to our mind. They are both rich in vitamin A and Vitamin C. According to the great visualizing experts across the world, the color orange stimulates vitality and joy. By visualizing this color, a person can easily balance ones physical and emotional system and side-by-side encourage a state of well being to manifest within you.

Yellow is an active color. It is the color of sun and therefore is warm but not flaming hot. The color yellow may be more little more difficult to sustain in healing meditation than that of other colors because of the brightness and vastness of this color. Knowing the importance of every color will not only help you retore harmony but the color healing meditation will also provide you with cleansing, balancing and healing at all levels.
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Make Your Dreams Come True with the Secret Law of Attraction

Make Your Dreams Come True with the Secret Law of Attraction

Living your dreams and weaving your dreams are two different aspects. Anyone can dream but to make your dreams come true, it requires dedication, hard work and self-confidence within yourself. The first and the foremost thing to keep in mind is that only you can make dreams and live them by putting in your efforts. A reasonable plan is the first crucial step to begin with but before anything, it’s important to keep in your mind that there is no greater time than now to begin to live the dreams you have been weaving since years.

All that you have to do is just know what you want and start taking baby steps wisely to be on your path to success. However, to no doubt you are sure to experience some bumps onto your path but if you learn from your setbacks, you are more likely get the best out of what you’ve always wanted. Just remember, the law of attraction is the only key ingredient that is going to help you. It is a powerful universal law that states as long as we are positive and surrounded by good thoughts, we are less likely to get bad in life. In other words, the law of attraction simply means shifting your unconscious mind with negative thoughts to positive thinking. The top experts across the country believe that if we start thinking positive, then all our dreams will easily manifest. Want to know how?

Take a look at the below expert tips on how useful the law of attraction can be in bringing you everything you deserve to have:  
Be Specific About what you want
To make it happen at the right time and right way, the first thing you need to do is be specific about your dream. Write them down on your journal or a personal diary because if you don’t know what you really want; would you be able to achieve it? It is therefore important to have an idea of and then find a way to move closer to your dreams.
Boost Your Self-Confidence
A burning desire to turn your dreams into reality is what will help you attain success quicker. To establish a strong will power and boost confidence within yourself, you must believe that your dream is achievable. If you look at it as a general wish, you may not be able to take it seriously and thus fulfil your dream.
Set Goals and Take Action Now
Once you have turned your plans into goals, it’s time to take action and utilize every opportunity that comes your way. The law of attraction states that like attracts like and where there is need, the universe seems to help you in meeting those needs through opportunities. Make sure to stay motivated throughout your journey to reach your dreams.
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How to Lose Weight Using the Law of Attraction Secret

To achieve any of your goals, you need to be positive and free from any sort of negativity around you. The law of attraction, one of the most powerful universal laws states that to achieve anything in life, it is very important to stay positive because a subconscious mind or a mind surrounded with negative thoughts can never achieve his goal in life. So, if you are serious about bringing any change in your life be it in your financial condition, health or career, you must first think positive. In addition to this, the law of attraction can do a lot for you if you follow it in the correct way.
Weight gain or obesity has become a common health problem across the world, mainly because of overeating and junk food eating habits. Today, there are many struggling to shed a few pounds but only a few determined people can make it to their aim. Knowing what you want in life is the first step to achieve it. If you are obese or overweight and trying to lose weight, make sure to write down exactly how much weight you want to lose. Be specific about your needs and requirements so that you focus on the right path. Write down your weight loss goals like you’ve already achieved them, for example- I am feeling Happy, I am so grateful now that I weigh 100 lbs and feel so healthy. These positive affirmations and imagining yourself to be healthy can become your key to attain the right body weight. The more detailed you make plans in your mind, the more emotionally charged your thoughts will be and thus send out more powerful indications to the universe.
Simply avoiding negative thoughts can also be of great help to you. So many obese people have the habit of thinking “I am so fat” or “I’ve got to lose weight because I look ugly”, which in turn transmits negative energy out to the universe. The result of this is usually focused on more weight problems. If this is the same feeling you also get to experience most of the time, try to turn such thoughts into a positive one by reading inspirational books by the www.hopeacademy.co.in. However we all know that the best medicine to cure any problem is happiness, being positive and sharing love but sometimes when we feel alone or sick out of health problems or financial losses, we require a medium to recover our mind from the tough times.
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Free yourself from the Constraints of ill-Health Using Law of Attraction

Most of us will agree that a happy and successful life is one that is free from illness. Many of us think about whether the state of our health has anything to do with the laws of attraction. According to the experts, yes it does. When it comes to the law of attraction, not only our thoughts and beliefs play an important role, but our health also plays a crucial role. Did you know that a healthy life begins with a positive mind? Therefore, make sure that you think positive and surround yourself with positive people.

Having a strong belief and will to achieve something can make a lot of difference in helping you become successful. According to the law of attraction, a human being’s body responds to their thoughts no matter if the thoughts are intentional or non-intentional. Negative thoughts usually give rise to diseases and illness. Whereas, if a person’s thoughts are positive and free from any sort of negativity, his health will become youthful and free from illness. The law of attraction states that an unhealthy mind creates an unhealthy body. For example- people who have thoughts of fear on getting a certain disease are more likely to suffer from that disease in future as such negative thoughts produce stress, anxiety, hypertension, heart diseases and a host of other health conditions.
On the other hand, if your thoughts are positive and uplifting, believe it or not, you’ll not only be a happier person by heart but also free from any sort of illness and disease. The body responds to the thoughts and circumstances you create in your mind because it all depends upon the thoughts you have in your mind.
Not only this, but you can also practice to change your diet plan for promoting good health.  However, the best medicine for anyone is happiness, being positive and loving thoughts. People who feel alone or are struggling through a tough financial period may recover early if they are surrounded by the right kind of people. In simple form, if they are surrounded by people who talk positive and encourage them to become strong and free from the unwanted stress, they are sure to recover from the worst time of their life be it related to finance, relationship or career.
Today, the health benefits of the law of attraction are being enjoyed by millions worldwide. Implementing this law may not be as easy as it seems but if you really wish to attract good health, it’s extremely important to nip negativity at its bud. To do so, you must acknowledge your fears and doubts. Then release them to the universe where a better perspective awaits for you.
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Top 3 Ways to Double Your Sales and Income Using Law of Attraction





Do you want to know the secret of becoming millionaire? If so, the first and the foremost fact that you need to know is that once your income and sales start increasing, there is nothing that can take you down but this can only happen when you know how to attract money the right way. When you talk about increasing your income or business sale to any of your near and dear ones, none of them might tell you an appropriate way for it but don’t worry because you are the right place.
The law of attraction is a piece of topic that you need to know and to make it work for you, it is extremely important that you from within pledge to become positive. We often hear that “what you think is what you create”, therefore if you really want to become rich and live a royal life, you have to think of it, you have to think of money and all other things that you need because if you keep focussing on the lack of money, you may not come out of the debts and tough financial times.
The law of attraction is one of the most powerful universal laws that can simply transform your life. According to this law, whatever we think, believe and talk affects our life. No matter what type of work you do. When you shift your thoughts from the negative ones involved with your job to the good thoughts and opportunities, you direct your subconscious mind to start bringing these things towards you.
Following are the top 3 ways that can help you double your feelings of wealth:
  1. The Need for Money. Thinking and needing money is a powerful feeling. It is a feeling that will create more excitement of you needing money. Just count your wishes, think about what you want to buy or invest in because thinking and willing about doing that particular thing will help you achieve the same soon.
  2. Have faith and feel happy now. When your mind is fresh and free from any stress and negativity, you draw more money and opportunities to receive money quickly. Faith and hope in something can do a lot of good for you. For example, you normally shop for are suddenly cheaper or on sale. New opportunities start coming your way that make you more money such as being asked to join a side business and so on.
  3. Change the words you speak. The way and what you speak plays a vital role in motivating and de-motivating your thoughts. Pay a little attention to the words you speak. Such as stop saying “I can’t afford that” and start saying “I can afford that”, “I can buy that”. Use “I Will” instead of “I might” or “I may”.
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A Quick Guide on the Secrets of a Millionaire Mind

All the things that exist in our universe are made out of verve and vibration. The law of attraction keeps it drifting flawlessly. Becoming a millionaire sounds an impossible thing to us but today’s world of possibilities, it has now become possible to achieve your dreams and enjoy a life that is full of happiness and joy. But how can this happen? This is the most often asked questions by us. The secret “Law of Attraction” has taken away all our attention since many people have benefited from this magical word but only when followed the right way.
It all begins in the mind. The law of attraction states that we attract what we think and believe. It’s a mind game because as long as we think positive and surrounded by positive people, we keep enjoying success and live like royal people. No doubt, this is a topic worth discussing. Have you ever paid attention to the thoughts of both poor and rich people? You can easily determine the difference between the thinking of both the rich and the poor.
Don’t forget, the basis for your success is your self-image. Poor people are responsible for their poor position and status in the society whereas rich are responsible for being rich.
The first and the foremost reason for penniless or financially poor is an inadequate financial self-image and a subconscious mind that does not allow you to think positive and do what is right for you.
Similarly, there is only one main reason for success and financial strength that is positive and winning and financial self-image. Your attitude thinking towards anything determines the output of that particular thing therefore, it is extremely important that you always keep rehearsing future success in your head, never in terms of failure. Also, just keep in mind that your financial beliefs, values, rules, attitude and behavior about money are helping you attract money, nothing else.
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Why Some People don’t benefit from Law of Attraction?

 It has been seen that people mostly claim that the law of attraction doesn’t work for them and that they have not experienced any changes in their lives. The reason is quite simple and clear. It doesn’t work for many people due to the mere reason that they are unaware of the difference between attaining goals – which is affirmed to be an emotional as well as habitual process and setting the goals – which is a rational and imaginative process. So, if you really wish to make the law work for you by getting activated then you must ensure that both emotional and the logical brain parts get synchronized.
Human nature is such that we tend to emotionalize and get associated with the desire that we hold within, be it a certain outcome or a goal. There is a vibration that attaches your inner power with the goal. The strength of your vibration will be lost if you fail to pay due attention to the inner vibration. You must think about the desires or goals in life with a conscious mind, by utilizing your deductive reasoning or imagination power. The selection and decision in regards to your wish is made by the conscious mind alone. Remember the unique rule – implementer of your dreams is your subconscious mind whereas the chooser is the conscious mind.
Most of the people would never be able to reap positive outcomes using the law mainly because their positive thinking is not aligned to their unconscious values, habits and beliefs. You will never make the most out of the law simply by inheriting the goal or desire, penning it down on a paper or having the correct vision. What you really need to do is to get both your subconscious and conscious mind harmonize with one another. A correlation must be created between the two brain parts. For example, you listen to an orchestra where the instruments do not respond in harmony with one another. Herein, you will only listen to a lot of noise or sound but this sound will never appear to be good. In short, harmony must be created among your habits, beliefs, goals and vision.
To put it more simple, your goal should first be emotionalized and then subconscious mind will be used for impressing this goal. This will activate your soul, mind and body so that all the parts work in fulfilling your desires and goals. So, the Law of Attraction works in this way. Though the Universe does every bit so that you get what you wish for but it is your duty to ensure that you make every effort to turn your dream into a reality. The law will work for you only when you understand as well as work it out effectively.
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Simple & Interesting Secrets to Attract Positivity in Your Life

It is the Law of Attraction that teaches and compels us to feel and visualize our goals and objectives in life. If you really wish to manifest more wealth and desires, make relations better and transform your goals into reality then you need to use your power of attraction which is effortless and natural in nature. This power will help you to eliminate all the negative thoughts by giving way to fresh and positive feelings. The law is capable of creating true magic in your life by bringing positivity closer to you. Find below some secrets of using the law in attracting positivity.
• Stop Worrying
Do not worry about when and how the things will appear and what the future holds for you. This might lead you to recall your past and create negative thoughts in your mind. Let know the Universe that you need your goal of life to be fulfilled and the law does everything for you. Be positive in your approach and the law will improve the conditions of your life completely.
• Recognize your Ability to Attract
It is vital to know and understand that power of attracting positivity lies within you. Keep telling yourself that you are well-versed in attracting the things that you desire for. This will enable the Universe to make your thinking transformed into a reality.
• Be the Follower of Joy
Enjoy the happy and joyful situations to the fullest. This will help you attract positivity and fun in your life. It is human nature that if something good happens we tend to remain under the feel of goodness for a longer time. The law will help you to attract only the better aspects of any given situation. It is always advisable to see the brighter and positive side of any circumstance. This particular act and thinking will force the Universe to make you experience all positive things in life.
• Feel the Essence of what you Desire
Spend some time every day thinking deeply about the goal and its essence. When you talk about it with your inner self or soul, you are trying your best to attract it closer to you. For example, if you desire for money, then freedom is its essence. The law uses this conversation or the language in turning your goal into a reality. More positive the feelings and beliefs, better are the chances of attaining positive vibes in whatever you do.
• Dream to Create Magic
You can manifest your goal when dreaming. This is the perfect state and time to talk to yourself about what you want to achieve in life. Dream of your ambition while sleeping and one day you shall visualize your goal in walking life.
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