Is your mind controlling your life?

Our mind has amusing effect on our life. On one hand, it helps us weigh situations and take important decisions in our life but on the other, it can make us its servant. By nature the job of our mind is to ensure that we stay alert of our surroundings and take decisions that enhance our survival. However, it goes little too far in doing its job well. Yes, it certainly helps when it tells us to cross roads safely but by making us too conscious of ourselves it never allows us to realize the power of intuition or gut feeling.

A bossy mind is definitely not good.

The tendency of our mind to control the direction of our life is very strong. It becomes such as habit that we begin to ignore our inner wisdom or what we say “our inner voice.” A mind which is too powerful makes us anxious, fearful, self-critical and unhappy in life.

Here are 5 things that will tell you whether you are a servant to your mind.

1.      Do you often ignore your natural instincts?
Though it is true that our mind is rational and smart but isn’t our subconscious mind sends some feeble signals now and then. For example, you suddenly got this urge to call an old friend whom you have not spoken to in years and then in an instant you think probably your friend will be busy at work so you’ll call later and so you forget. Wouldn’t it be better if you would have just picked up the phone and made that call? Why did you listen to your mind?

2.     Are you always looking for approval from others or wondering what others think about you?
Ok so you posted that recent selfie on Facebook and ever since you did it you’ve been checking the FB status updates every single minute to know what the comments are or how many likes. Doesn’t this desire for approval put your life off-balance? Because instead of doing what YOU really want to do, you are always seeking things that others appreciate. This will derail you from your path to TRUE SUCCESS AND ABUNDANCE

3.     When you read a success story, you think “Success suits them.”
There is always a rational reason behind why success came to other people. For example, you read about a businessman who made huge revenues this year and you felt “of course he’ll make revenue because he had so many resources.” This is a classic example of how our mind stops us from utilizing our full potential to bring a transformational change. It knows just survival but for winning you need to MASTER YOUR MIND. We all have the ability to be successful and lead a happy prosperous life only that first step is what we need.

4.     Are you worrying most of the time?
Mind is our safety-officer and, given a chance, it loves to work overtime. Though it is good in certain situations such as checking all the doors are closed before leaving home or checking tickets and bags before boarding a flight etc but sometimes it may become annoying and overwhelming such as thinking about things that are not real. The trick lies in telling your mind when to stop.

5.     Are you repeatedly disturbed by self-critical and negative thoughts?
Your mind nags you to abide by certain rules and norms. If you don’t it tells that “you are not good enough.” Such self-critical attitude deprives you of enjoying your life.

If your answers to the above points have been YES then it’s true that your mind is controlling your life a bit too much. You are the servant of your mind. There is a need to reverse this situation and BECOME MASTER OF YOUR MIND to REALIZE YOUR MIND POWER. In our next article, we will tell you how to control your mind and thoughts so that they attract positive results.

 Till then don’t forget HOPE HEALS!

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