Control your Mind and Thoughts

Do you ever feel there a problem with your thoughts? Like random thoughts of fear and apprehension or something that has not even happened just pop into your mind without your permission and keep nagging you for a long time.
A quote by Descartes, father of modern philosophy, “I think. Therefore, I am” reflects the biggest irony of human life. Our thoughts make us conscious of ourselves and thus, aid our progress. However, the same very thoughts are our biggest curse because many a times they take us away from the reality and we began to doubt our own potential.
Our mind can be our best friend or worst enemy. Your thoughts about the external world are a reflection of who you are. So, if you think the world is a scary place to survive and people are conspiring against you, then it means that you yourself are a suspicious person and always judgemental about others.
Change the way you look at things and the things will change for a positive outcome. For most people the problem lies in how to change their negative thoughts to lead to desirable outcome. The only possible way is to control your mind and thoughts.
Meditate to focus on your thoughts. Don’t seek excuses in hectic schedule or lack of space to meditate properly. Practice meditation and relaxation techniques for focusing on your thoughts – weeding the negative ones and replacing with more positive ones.
Don’t let negative thoughts build a nest in your mind. Well, it’s true that you cannot block the negative thoughts from entering your mind. But what you do to them if they enter is in your hand – don’t mull too much over them. If a negative thought has come just leave it at that.
Repeat positive affirmations daily. Positive affirmations are like healthy seeds which when nurtured every day yield healthy crop of desirable results.
Empty your mind. Rhythm that soothes our senses is made up of musical sounds of different frequencies occurring at regular intervals. Same way, your mind power will realize only when there is space between your positive thoughts. This space is called “inner peace” – when you are not thinking anything, your mind is totally empty and you are conscious of it.
Happiness, health, success and wealth are all functions of the working of your mind. If you wish to be any of these, then you need to control your mind and thoughts. Our courses such as Change your life,Health and Happiness, The Law of Attraction and Mind Mapping are excellent way to learn tools and techniques for enhancing your mind power and bringing positive results in your life.

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