Get rid of your money blockages

The biggest obstacle on the path to attract money comes from your own subconscious beliefs that causes you to take either wrong or no actions at all. Based on your childhood experiences, you continue to make limiting statements that creates a narrow reality for you.  If you wish to change your financial situation, you need to take responsibility for your current situation rather than blaming external factors for scarcity.

How many times you find yourself saying the following phrases:
“I never have enough money to enjoy myself.”
“I try to control my expenses but still not able to save anything.”
“It is difficult to earn money”
One should not run after money but rather be satisfied in what one has.”

Now think for a moment – is there a rationale which justifies such statements? Most probably your answer will be NO. You have come to believe them because that’s how you have been programmed since childhood when you heard your parents, friends, relatives or anyone else talk like this. These are all limiting beliefs that have chained your subconscious mind preventing it from reaching its full potential. Limiting beliefs are your own assumptions about reality which may not always be true. Your belief system is like ‘lens’ through which you see the reality - if your lens is soiled, you will get an unclear picture of the truth. When this happens, it takes away the opulence of life.

Are there any limiting beliefs that cloud your subconscious mind? Can’s say, then do this simple exercise to find out. Complete the following fill in the blanks with the thought about money that comes to your mind as you read it.
I don’t have money because ___________________________
I want lots of money but ______________________________

Here are few techniques that you can practice to identify and remove such limiting beliefs for attracting money:
  1. Be conscious of your thoughts. Whenever any negative thought about money comes to your mind write it down. Tell yourself that you no longer believe this statement to be true and are destroying it by overwriting an opposite positive affirmation.
  2. Carefully observe your surroundings without any value judgments. Be open to new ideas and suggestions.
  3. Look for the manifestation of positive affirmations and reinforce their existence in your mind.

Everyone has some or other limiting money beliefs which are actually blocking their path towards prosperity.  Begin your journey with removing these blockages and accelerate towards your goals.

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