Research says meditation increases mind power

 Do you know it is possible to increase your mind power irrespective of your age? Yes this is true. Meditation helps to increase your mind power. Meditation involves focusing attention on one particular thing and becoming aware when the attention drifts.
Earlier it was believed that neuron connections are formed during early stages of life and brain growth stops in adolescence. But a large number of scientific researches have proved that if one practise meditation regularly, the quantity of brain cells increases and quality of brain functioning enhances.  Scientists have found that through meditation brain keeps growing throughout life. Researchers from University of Wisconsin did a study to understand the effects of meditation on the brain activity of Tibetan monks who have been practising meditation for years. They found that Tibetan monks who have been meditating for years have faster thinking and better organized and coordinated brain activities.
Most of us our so self-involved, thinking about the past events or future happenings, that we miss the significance of the present. Meditation helps us to be more attuned to the present. This unites us with the nature. Meditation has a positive impact on all the parts of brain – frontal lobe, parietal lobe, amygdala and thalamus etc. Meditation helps to improve reasoning, alertness, cognitive processing, attention, awareness and emotional well being.
A research study by University of Massachusetts Centre for Mindfulness determined that eight weeks of regular meditation produces measurable positive brain changes. This study brought to light the inherent property of brain called neuroplasticity which means brain has the ability to create new neurons and make new connections. Hope Academy’s Meditation Program is so designed to influence this property of the brain to increase our mind power. A proven and tested program, Hope Academy’s Meditation Program helps to improve focus, creativity, emotional stability and memory as well as to reduce anxiety and stress.  Our Meditation Program is equally effective for young children for improving concentration in academics as well as middle-aged and elderly people experiencing age-related cognitive dysfunctions and memory loss. The meditation program is also available as an audio CD in both English and Hindi for self practicing. It is easy and enjoyable.  To read further about how to increase mind power please log on to