Psycho Neurobics And Arthritis

In medical terms, arthritis is considered as a degenerative disease affecting the musculoskeletal system. Stiffness,
pain and swelling in the joints are the main symptoms. Osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and juvenile arthritis
are the commonly occurring forms of the disease. Those suffering from arthritis experiences lot fatigue, frustration
and discomfort in their routine life.
Medical science has only gone so far as prescribing medicines to reduce the symptoms but a magic pill that can
remove the disease and its cause has not yet been found.
In the science of Psycho Neurobics lies the understanding and knowledge of true cause of arthritis. The techniques
of Psycho Neurobics tries to bring the imbalanced energy systems in harmony so as to relieve the patient of arthritis.
Root Chakra Energy Imbalance causes Arthritis
Root Chakra (Muldhara in Sanskrit) also known as 1stChakra or Basic Chakra acts as the energy centre for our
bones and muscles. It is responsible for the proper functioning of our musculoskeletal system. Located at the
base of spine, Root Chakra gives us physical energy and vitality. It is associated with metaphysical element of
Earth and colour red. It holds the basic human needs of survival, stability and safety. Negative emotions like
grief and anger causes energy blockages in the Root Chakra which impacts the health of musculoskeletal
system and manifests as arthritis. Feelings such as deep resentment for not being loved enough, feeling
unworthy or disconnected interferes with the energy flow from the Root Chakra.
Techniques of Psycho Neurobics to heal Arthritis
Using the following techniques of Psycho Neurobics, we can heal Arthritis:
1. Light Neurobics
a. Regulated exposure to Sunlight: Sunlight has a positive effects on our mind, body and soul. It enhances the
    feelings of  self-esteem and confidence. Our aura absorbs the vibrational energy of Sun rays and direct them
    towards Root Chakra  where it releases the blocked energy.
b. Colour Therapy: Red is the associated colour of Root Chakra. Red depicts passion and strong emotions which
     translate  into courage, will power and zeal towards life. By visualizing red colour through third eye we can
     activate and purify the Root Chakra.
2. Sound Neurobics: The associated note with Root Chakra is ‘C’. Chanting ‘LAM’ while doing Pranayama is a
     good exercise   for healing arthritis.
3. Easy Neurobics: Using techniques of ‘Centering’ and ‘Grounding’, we can dispose-off the negative beliefs
    from our subconscious mind.
a. Centering involves feeling relaxed.
b. Grounding refers to connecting to Mother Earth
There is no harm in learning these simple techniques while you continue to pop that anti-inflammatory
pill for treating arthritis. Rather when learnt and practised under the guidance of experts, these are
much safer than steroids which doctors prescribe. Take out some time to talk to the Psycho Neurobics
experts at Hope Academy on how you can conquer Arthritis and bring back energy and happiness in
your life. We look forward to your visit or call!

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