Principles and Techniques of Money Chalisa

The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind. —William James
Based on our years of experience and research on various popular theories and principles of Law of Attraction, we have devised the following framework to attract money which we have named as ‘Money Chalisa’.
Money Chalisa is based on the following 8 Magical Principles. These form the soil on which we should sow the seeds of Money Chalisa techniques to harvest our crop of Wealth and Abundance.
1. Appreciate yourself
2. Learn to Admire
3. Love your Bills
4. Good receiver
5. Gratitude
6. Rejoice in other’s good fortune
7. Rejoice in new small beginning
8. Have faith
All the techniques discussed in Money Chalisa have their roots in a fertile soil collectively formed by these 8 Magic Principles. Even if one of these is missing, seeds do not germinate – that is to say, Money Chalisa techniques are unable to bring results.
There are four techniques that can be used to reprogram our subconscious mind and enjoy the benefits of Law of Attraction. These are briefly mentioned below:
1. Positive Affirmations impress positive perceptions on your subconscious mind when repeated constantly over a period of time. Continuous self talk tune-in your thoughts with your desires. So rather than crying about scarcity or lack of money, you should focus your energy on the abundance and prosperity. Some of the positive affirmations statements that you can recite twice a day:
• I love money and money loves me too
• I am happy and others are also happy
• Money is multiplying and coming back to me.
• I am giving this money with full understanding and awareness
• I am money magnet
2. Ward off Negative Influences: Even a small negative thought or influence nullifies the positive energy created by positive affirmations. So steer clear of any discussions, news or thoughts that are related to financial trouble, scarcity and struggle. Spend time reading, watching, thinking and talking about abundance and prosperity.
3. Visualization: Human nature is such – that what we see, we believe! So it is important to see yourself enjoying a prosperous life with lots of money. These positive images empower your subconscious mind to send stronger signals. Some of the things you can visualize are
• Living in a big house
• Traveling to exotic locations
• Your children playing with toys and clothes
• Driving a big car • Paying all the bills on time
• Investing in the business
• Growing business opportunities
• Promotions, Salary hike etc.
4. Take Actions: Simple changes in the way you manage your money can bring big results. For example, keep your money well arranged in your wallet; count your money frequently; keep some money around you; and on top of all, keep it safe. You will wonder what effect does this have – it makes money feel respected and welcome. Only when someone feels welcome, they come to us!
Money Chalisa Workshop looks at each of these techniques in depth and provides step-by-step instructions and methods on how to follow them in your during daily routine. The soil (principles) and the seeds (techniques) have to be nurtured through persistent, honest and dedicated efforts to reinforce them and reap their best benefits.
Apart from building upon the techniques of positive affirmation and visualization, Money Chalisa also puts forth successful tips and tricks for managing personal finances. By harnessing mind techniques of positive affirmation and visualization with practical money management tips, Hope Academy has gifted to the mankind, Money Chalisa, which is not just a one-time read but a proven formula for leading a rich life. Its forty recitals are distilled from many years of experience of industry expert, Arun Saraf and scientific principles of Law of Attraction and power of subconscious mind.
Alter your thoughts to alter your destiny!

One can become whatever one wants to be if one constantly contemplates on the object of desire with faith.

-          Bhagvad Gita


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