Aura Resonant Imaging

According to the Eastern school of medicine, human body consists of energy vibrating at specific rates. This vibrational energy produces a magnetic field around the body. All our bodily processes such as respiration, digestion, nervous and circulatory etc comprise of a series of electrochemical reactions.  These magnetic and electrical energy fields interact to form what is now known as "The Bio-Energetic Field". This bio-energetic field is known as 'Aura' and it surrounds about 4 feet to 5 feet of an area around human body. 
This 'Aura' interacts with environmental forces to create an energy balance in our body which is so essential for its normal functioning. It is believed that not only human beings, all other plants, animals and even inanimate objects possess 'aura.' Aura has primary colors, like that of rainbow. The color and size of aura varies depending on the emotional and physical health of an individual. For example, those with happy and positive thoughts has wider and brighter aura while those with sad and negative thoughts have smaller and faded/black aura.  Inside human body there are points of energy concentration where energy from Universe and our body meet and distribute energy to various other parts of the body. The energy is distributed through channels which form 'Meridian System'. There are 7 major Chakras and 122 minor Chakras in out body.
Any disruption in the normal functioning of Chakras and Meridian System impact the Aura surrounding our body. In medical terminology these manifest as physical diseases and illnesses like cancer, diabetes and hypertension etc. or psychological and mental disturbances like depression, schizophrenia and sleeplessness etc.
Are you wondering how beneficial it will be know that our inner machinery is not functioning properly even before the problem becomes conspicious in the form of symptoms? We can immediately start the healing process before the disease spreads it roots.
This has been made possible by Hope Academy's  Aura Resonant Field Imaging (RFI) sessions. Hope Academy is a licensed user of this breakthrough technological advancement that enables its NeuroPsychobics healers and Mind Power practitioners to measure and read the quality of energy fields or 'Aura' surrounding the person. This helps to diagnose the health issues correctly and early.
This concept is not new. It has been known to the hermeticists and vedic practitioners even thousands of years ago. And now even Western School of medicine is awakening to the miracles done by Aura healing. Hope Academy takes pride in diagnosing in its clients the health issues which have escaped the eyes of medical doctors. Using this technique, Aura Reading sessions are conducted to track changes to 'aura' as the healing progresses. 
Watch this space for next post on how Aura Reading session is conducted and what it involves.

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