10 Golden Tips to Live Longer

In the current times of demanding jobs, family commitments, social pressures and growing competition in all spheres of life, it has become so difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is reflecting in the growing statistics of heart strokes, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and cancer. Where once these were seen in elderly people as age-related diseases, today even younger population are falling prey to these ailments owing to their bad lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking excessive alcohol, late night parties and eating unhealthy junk food.
This article aims to bring to light 10 Golden Tips for leading a healthier and longer life.
1.       Quit Smoking – Medical research suggests that smoking is directly related with cardiovascular diseases, cancer and asthma. It doubles the risk of these life threatening diseases. Even if you are in middle age and have been a chain smoker, it is never too late to quit.

2.      Switch to healthy vegetarian diet – Eat green salads, vegetables, fresh fruits, cereals, nuts & seeds, milk, cheese, curd and honey. Avoid breads, biscuits, burgers, fried, sugar and processed foods. Eat only when you are hungry and that too in moderation.

3.      Say no to alcohol – Alcohol interferes with the normal functioning of brain, liver, kidney and lungs. Drinking excessive alcohol regularly is linked to 60 different diseases.

4.      Physical exercise – Gadgets and cars have led to sedentary lifestyle, one of the biggest contributor to health issues. Introduce some kind of physical exercise such as walking, jogging, swimming, yoga and cycling etc. in your routine for at least 20-30 minutes 3-4 time a week.  This will help to keep your weight in check.

5.      Meditation – It helps to calm the mind and is a great way to de-stress. It brings peace and harmony among the mind-body-soul.

6.      Cultivate positive thinking – Believe in yourself and create an optimistic outlook towards life. This helps to reduce stress, cope with challenges, build immunity and decreases the rates of depression.

7.      Build social network – Lead an active social life by making new friends and staying connected. This has direct effect on the overall health and emotional wellbeing. We all need to love and feel being loved. 

8.     Add meaning to your life – Volunteer to help others rather than merely pursuing self-centred motives. This will give a deep sense of contentment and purpose to your life.

9.      Sleep well – Minimum 8 hours of uninterrupted night-time sleep is very important for proper functioning of mind and body. This is the time when cells of out body repairs wear and tear as well as replenishes the spent energy. Sleep deprivation reflects in mood, attention, blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

10.  Drink lots of water – Do you know 70% of human body is made up of water? Water helps to flush toxins, clean the systems and increase the metabolic rate.
There are several ways through which Hope Academy can help you adopt these golden tips in your life.
a)     Take out 30 minutes to listen to our Relaxation and Meditation CD. It will take you through a deep state of calmness and inner peace. Available in Hindi and English.
b)     Avail a one-to-one session with our Mind Coach to learn techniques for managing sleep for increased efficiency. Enjoy a good night sleep!
c)      Neurobics experts can teach you asanas, hastamudras and pranayama that you can practise in your routine for smoother functioning of organs and energy systems as well as reduce weight.
d)     Attend our workshop or seminars on law of attraction to train your subconscious mind for positive thinking and stronger willpower.

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