The subconscious part of your mind is your slave; it is at your beck and call 24 hours a day, every single day of your life.  Right from the moment of birth, your subconscious has been at work.  Even when you are asleep, the subconscious works ceaselessly.  All your bodily functions right from the beating of your heart to your breathing is taken care of by your subconscious. It keeps you alive. The subconscious stores every bit of information you send it's way, processing several thousands of these every second.  When you require a certain piece of information out of the blue, it is the subconscious that gives it to you immediately.  When you are looking for a solution to a problem, it is once again the amazing power of the subconscious that provides it for you.

The Dance Of The Mind:

If you have ever watched a man and woman waltz, you will understand the dance of the mind. The dance is slow and graceful.  One movement leads gently into the next.  The movements of both the man and the woman are synchronized and flow gracefully right through; there is perfect harmony.  So it is with the mind.  The conscious and the subconscious levels of the mind are like the man and woman who are waltzing.  They are in perfect harmony with each other.  When this happens, happiness, health and wealth prevail.  The conscious and the subconscious must work together, hand in hand; side by side.

We are aware of the principle of action and reaction which states that where there is an action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  This is also the case of the two parts of the mind. What the conscious mind thinks, interprets and suggests to the subconscious mind must be acted upon by it with equal force.  However, if, for some reason, the subconscious mind is unable to do so, the delicate balance of the two levels of the mind is disturbed, thus causing frustration.

All desires must be fulfilled and therefore must be realistic.  Asking your subconscious to help you become an astronaut in a month is not going to get you anywhere.  This is an example of unequal balance where the input (the request made) and the output (the request granted) do not coincide with each other.  There is no harmony and no balance.

The same is the case when you consciously think negative thoughts.  The thoughts get buried in the subconscious and need to find an outlet.  They must be done.  When they are not done, frustration, worry and anger and all the negative thoughts that you thought of, get manifested in the form of diseases such as heartburn, ulcers and cancer in the body. 

In order to get your subconscious to work for you, it has to work in harmony with your conscious. 

Do not worry about your subconscious.  Control your conscious, and your subconscious will be taken care of.  You must control what you think and what you want.  You must make a conscious effort to block out all negativity and concentrate on positive thoughts always.

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