The Law of Attraction For Relationships

Relationships are what we thrive on.  They bring us love, companionship and a sense of belonging.  A spouse is meant to be our better half – the soul mate who completes us. Often times though, our judgement misleads us and we end up making the wrong choice when choosing a life partner.  And when a marriage or relationship turns sour, we wonder what we saw in our spouse in the first place.  The truth is, it is never a bad judgement call.  The vibes we send out attract people with similar vibes, to us.

The Law And Relationships
According to the law of attraction, like attracts like. This means that like thoughts attract like thoughts, like needs attract like needs, and like emotions are attracted to each other.  When using the law of attraction for relationships, the same principle holds good, and what you attract is what you get.

Understanding The Importance Of Vibes
We all send out vibes – good or bad. The vibes we send out will attract people who emit similar vibes.  When looking for a partner, it is important to send out the right vibes.  If you are interested in a relationship with a man who is happy, kind and loving, those are the vibes you need to send out.  What you expect should be sent out into the Universe, and it will return to you.

Once you are aware of the necessity of sending out the right vibes, the next step is to focus on the kind of person you want to get into a relationship with.  We all know what we definitely do not want in our spouse.  But very few of us know what we want.  Here is the challenge.  Identify the traits you want in a partner and not the traits you don’t want.

Having identified the kind of person you want to attract into your life, it is now time to get rid of all other emotions.  What you come across as is what you will attract.  If you come across as needy, unloved or desperate, that is just what you will attract.  Instead, concentrate on being happy, loving, caring and that is what you will attract to you.  If you want a fun loving person, picture it actually happens and relate to the rest of the world as a fun loving person.

Believing with all your heart, mind and soul that the Universe will lead the right person to you is of utmost importance.  Harboring any negativism, however negligible, will hinder the working of the Universe to bring to you, what you seek.  Any negativism or lingering doubts that you may have should be done away with.  Do not doubt the powers of the Universe.  Respect the Universe and believe that what you ask for is what you will receive.

Having faithfully followed the above steps, it is now time to relax. Well, you cannot completely relax, because while the universe is working in your favor, you need to continue to concentrate on the kind of person you wish to attract into your life, focus on it, and believe that it will happen.


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