Success is Yours

Success is infinite – everyone can have it and so can you.  The Law of Attraction has been used successfully by several well established businessmen to build an empire, clinch a deal, bag a dream job, get a promotion, increase profit margins, make a sale, land a perfect job or the perfect partner, and also during important negotiations.

Now, success in all your business endeavors can be yours.  Don’t leave something as important as your business to the hands of fate or destiny.  Your fate and destiny lie in your hands.  You can change your so-called destiny right now.  You can experience success firsthand, starting today.

To experience success in your business venture, the first step to take is to understand what the Law of Attraction is all about.  The Law of Attraction is based on the universal principle that states that we will attract whatever we think about – good or bad, success or failure.  The Law of Attraction is continuously at work.  Like time, it stops for none.  The Law of Attraction is a powerful law – and yet, it listens to you and is completely under your command, and gives back to you what you send out to it.

Based on your thoughts, you can either experience success in all your business endeavors, or failure.  Think success and prosperity, and that is what you will invite into your business.  By thinking of success in a particular business endeavor, the thought grows larger; and as it grows larger, it becomes more powerful.  These vibes are sent out into the universe which in turn responds to these powerful images of success that you have created, thereby making your vision a reality.

Focus your attention on the success you want.  Reinforce this with positive affirmations.  When you know that you are capable of achieving what you set out to achieve, when you know – without an atom of doubt – that you deserve that success and that it will be yours, you are on your way to success.  Reinforce your subconscious mind with positive affirmations several times a day.  Breathe and live these positive affirmations.
Visualization is very important when working with the Law of Attraction.  See the success you want, as you want it to be.  Every night, picture yourself succeeding in your venture.  Powerful visualization and thinking is the key to attracting success to you.  Be a magnetic force that will attract all the success you want with regard to your business.

All your positive affirmations and visualizations will soon get imprinted on your subconscious mind and replace negative beliefs.  The subconscious mind will now send out these positive vibrations out into the universe, and all your beliefs and wants will be fulfilled.

Now comes the most important part.  GRATITUDE-  Be thankful for all the opportunities the Universe sends your way.  Remember to thank her for all that she has given you.  Acknowledging the gifts and opportunities that she provides you with is an important part of the entire process.  And share your success with those around you – family, friends and co-workers.

The law of attraction for abundance

Abundance is empowering. While it might spell untold wealth to one, it might pave the way of happiness for another.  Money, love and even the abundance of knowledge are what many crave for. The law of attraction can flood our lives with abundance in whatever form we wish.  In fact, the law of attraction is constantly at work.  The reason we do not see this is because somewhere deep within us, we create invisible barricades that block the flow of abundance into our lives.

The first step to break down these barriers is to accept our present situation.  By not accepting where we stand today, we tend to focus on the negatives in life.  Here is an example of what I mean:
Rita's daughter needs money for a tour organized by her school.  Rita is apprehensive about giving her the money because she foresees dark times ahead and believes the money could help them tide over an unexpected illness or unforeseen expenditure.  Rita, expects the worst.  She is concentrating on the negative. A  better solution for her would be to accept the fact that they are financially unstable, but that her daughter would have a wonderful time, everything would go perfectly fine and there would be no unpleasant or untoward expenditure.  By focussing on the positive factors, it would be possible for her to see the law taking effect.  And this is what you will see too, when you accept your present situation - no matter how good or bad it might be.
The second step is have a specific target.Ask for abundance of wealth and power and have confidence in your capabilities in managing your wealth.
Thirdly, believe that you will receive what you ask for.  Believe that you deserve what you ask for, and believe that it will be yours.  This is a big step and can be achievedt.  However, by erasing your mind of preconceived, negative notions and by specifying your wants- you will get what you desire.
Fourthly, receive.  Many of us have a problem with accepting what is given to us.  One would think this is the easiest step .Then why do we find it so hard to receive? Simple  reason is that we believe that we are not worthy of the gift of abundance. We tend to ignore the law of attraction at work, do not  recognize the law of attraction when it works in our favor, and become complacent and let invaluable opportunities pass by.
Don’t put yourself down anymore.  You are worthy of what you ask for. Be alert and watch out for little signs from the universe in its endeavour to give you what you ask for.  Recognize these opportunities as the law of attraction at work.  Grab hold of these opportunities and see a whole new world unfold for you.

Using the law of attraction for good health

The law of attraction has been used over decades in an endeavor to achieve what may seem like, the impossible. It has been used to make money, improve relationships and even to achieve big goals. Is it possible to achieve good health through the law of attraction? Is it possible to cure diseases by using this law? The answer is, yes. To Understand how this is done, let us first define good health.

The natural state of our body is one in which our body is at its optimum best. This means that our body and mind are free of diseases 
and worry. There is a sense of well being and wholeness. Anything away from this definition means that we are not in good health. The law of attraction states that what we ask for, we shall receive. Ask for good health and it will be yours. However, your work does not end with solely asking for good health.Listed below are the three steps that need to be followed for good health when using the law of attraction.

Identify your need. Is it your general health that you are concerned about or is there a particular problem that you want to heal.Your need could range from healing a broken arm, being cancer free or living without a high blood pressure. The more focused you are about the problem at hand, the easier it is for you to visualize and ask for healing. If you are overweight and want to lose weight, have a target weight in mind. If you are suffering from cancer, knowing the type of cancer, the stage of cancer and the exact location of the cancer will help you direct your thoughts to the point of focus.

Focusing on the end result means seeing yourself at the end of your goal. It means picturing yourself problem free. If your goal is to heal your arm, picture yourself using your arm. If you suffer from chronic pain and wish to rectify this, picture yourself pain free. If you suffer from a cancer and wish to get rid of this, picture yourself cancer free. Do not think about how you will get there. Do not picture the cancer cells disappearing or the pain being scraped off your bones. Instead, focus only on the end result. The reason for this is simple. You do not know how you are going to be healed. The Universe will take care of that in its infinity. Your job is to only focus on yourself completely well - through the day, whenever possible.

This is where you work in accordance with the Universe. As you go through your daily meditation of focusing on a healthy body, the Universe makes the changes required to bring about your desire. It may be in the form of doctors, medication, or a newspaper article related to your problem. Do not ignore these signs or pass them off as mere coincidences. The Universe is not going to set your problem right magically. Instead, it will guide all the right people and events required for your healing, to you. Make use of this help sent by the Universe and you will see your health changing, just the way you saw it happen in your mind.

The Law of Attraction for marriage

Marriages are made in heaven and lived through on Earth – quite often in frustration and despair. Add anger, repentance, guilt, hurt and pain to the list, and you will wonder why people enter wedlock in the first place. When the bed of roses and the perfect sunsets become a distant memory, hope turns to despair. But for those who believe in the Law of Attraction, all is not lost.
The Law of Attraction can save your marriage. Even if your marriage hangs by a thread, it can be salvaged. According to the Law of Attraction, like attracts like. Understanding the depth of this principle is the answer to your marital woes. The Law of Attraction has been at work since time immemorable. In fact, it never stops working in your life. It is a constant that works the way it is told to work – by your mind. The Law is simple – what you think about is what you attract, and what you attract is what you get. Think negative, and you will attract negativism; think positive, and you will attract the positives.
When it comes to marriage, most of us tend to worry about our problems. We concentrate on the hurt caused by our spouse, and our mind feeds on our frustration, anger and guilt. All the negative emotions that we feel only attract more negatives. When we think our marriage is a failure, it is bound to become one. When we feel angry at our spouse, we attract more situations that warrant greater anger. You get what you expect and feel. The negative emotions take over you completely and you become a walking magnet, attracting more negativity. Like attracts like.
Make the Law of Attraction work in your marriage. If you are keen on saving your marriage, all you need to do is – believe. Concentrate on the finer moments of your marriage. Concentrate on the good. Instead of dwelling on the past hurt inflicted, think of the love you both shared. Picture the two of you having a beautiful relationship in the future. When you concentrate on the positive traits of your partner, you will automatically attract positive vibes. What you attract is what you get. Things will not change overnight; but with time, you will notice that your positive outlook has begun to attract the positive forces, thereby bringing positive changes in your marriage.
Believe and trust in the Law of Attraction – that it can make your marriage a success, is important. Believe that your marriage can be saved. Trust, without leaving room for doubt, that your marriage is worth the time and effort you put into it. Know that very soon you will have the marriage you’ve always wanted.
You have now set the stage for the Law of Attraction to work its magic to make your marriage what it ideally should always have been. Accept these opportunities sent your way with gratitude, and know that this is the Law of Attraction sending you what you have asked for.

The Law of Attraction For Relationships

Relationships are what we thrive on.  They bring us love, companionship and a sense of belonging.  A spouse is meant to be our better half – the soul mate who completes us. Often times though, our judgement misleads us and we end up making the wrong choice when choosing a life partner.  And when a marriage or relationship turns sour, we wonder what we saw in our spouse in the first place.  The truth is, it is never a bad judgement call.  The vibes we send out attract people with similar vibes, to us.

The Law And Relationships
According to the law of attraction, like attracts like. This means that like thoughts attract like thoughts, like needs attract like needs, and like emotions are attracted to each other.  When using the law of attraction for relationships, the same principle holds good, and what you attract is what you get.

Understanding The Importance Of Vibes
We all send out vibes – good or bad. The vibes we send out will attract people who emit similar vibes.  When looking for a partner, it is important to send out the right vibes.  If you are interested in a relationship with a man who is happy, kind and loving, those are the vibes you need to send out.  What you expect should be sent out into the Universe, and it will return to you.

Once you are aware of the necessity of sending out the right vibes, the next step is to focus on the kind of person you want to get into a relationship with.  We all know what we definitely do not want in our spouse.  But very few of us know what we want.  Here is the challenge.  Identify the traits you want in a partner and not the traits you don’t want.

Having identified the kind of person you want to attract into your life, it is now time to get rid of all other emotions.  What you come across as is what you will attract.  If you come across as needy, unloved or desperate, that is just what you will attract.  Instead, concentrate on being happy, loving, caring and that is what you will attract to you.  If you want a fun loving person, picture it actually happens and relate to the rest of the world as a fun loving person.

Believing with all your heart, mind and soul that the Universe will lead the right person to you is of utmost importance.  Harboring any negativism, however negligible, will hinder the working of the Universe to bring to you, what you seek.  Any negativism or lingering doubts that you may have should be done away with.  Do not doubt the powers of the Universe.  Respect the Universe and believe that what you ask for is what you will receive.

Having faithfully followed the above steps, it is now time to relax. Well, you cannot completely relax, because while the universe is working in your favor, you need to continue to concentrate on the kind of person you wish to attract into your life, focus on it, and believe that it will happen.