How to Create Positive Habits

There are many positive habits that one can develop to achieve success in all endeavors in life. Most of our habits have been developed since childhood and we tend to follow it due to repetitive actions. We brush our teeth everyday in the morning because we are taught to do so since childhood. We repeat the same action and it becomes a habit. It is easier to create a positive habit than to break a negative habit.

In the process of creating or developing a positive habit, it is also easy to eliminate a negative habit. With the need to develop a positive habit, you have chosen to eliminate a negative thinking pattern. To develop positive habits, it is necessary to remind yourself of the positive habits you need to develop. Write down the positive habits you want to develop such as exercising daily, eating healthy food, saving more money and spending less, avoiding negative thinking patterns and so forth.

Tips to Develop Positive Habits

Once you have developed one positive habit, it becomes easier to develop the next. For example, if you wish to eat healthy food, write down a list of healthy food and see how you can replace other food items with those in your wish list. By creating positive food habits, you can then slowly move on to other habits such as exercising daily.

You could start with small exercises such as using the stairs instead of the elevators, walking distances instead of using the car or other transportations. Gradually you can join the gym or other fitness spas to attain a fit and healthy body.

Make a monthly budget of your income and expenditure. Learn to spend less than your monthly income so that you can ensure financial stability and security.

Give up anxiety and moody thoughts. Try to remain cheerful and content with what you have and strive for more in life. Make a resolution to stop worrying and eliminate anxiety and depressive thoughts. This way you can eliminate the negative habit of worrying unnecessarily and letting go of past hurts and resentments in life.

In order to develop positive habits, it is important to do more and think less. Sometimes, we create positive habits unknowingly as it is part of our daily lifestyle. According to studies, positive habits can be created and developed in considerably lesser amount of time.

Live Consciously

Have you ever driven for miles only to realize that you had done the whole trip on automatic and you couldn’t remember the journey?  It happens to most people; things become so automatic that they just slip into the subconscious

This is very like life; we develop our own patterns, strategies and beliefs as we grow up. If they seem to work consistently, they settle into our subconscious and are used automatically whenever needed. Life is always changing and in particular, as we grow up. If we live our lives on automatic, just responding automatically to events the danger is that our lives will end up a bit of a wreck!

We’re just not in charge of our lives, we’re being driven along by a subconscious system that was formed in our childhood and probably hasn’t been looked at since. There is no time for ourselves these days; we are more dependent than ever on our automatic subconscious system to keep us going.

For once, look back over your life, how well do you remember it now?

The Duality of Mind

Your mind possesses two characteristics- the conscious and subconscious mind.  You think with your conscious mind, and whatever you habitually think sinks down into your subconscious mind, which creates according to the nature of your thoughts.

Whatever you think is true, your subconscious mind will accept and bring forth into your experience. Your conscious mind is the ‘watchman at the gate’. Its function is to protect your subconscious mind from false impressions. You need to watch what you think as your subconscious mind will accept and bring to pass.

Choose to believe that something good can happen and is happening now, no matter what situation you are in. Choose to live consciously.  

What is conscious living?

Conscious living is about taking the time for yourself to think about and choose the life you want. It is about understanding and changing any negative thoughts, patterns and behaviors you may have. It is about raising self awareness, becoming aware of our thoughts and words, choosing them consciously and carefully.

By taking the time to examine your life, you’re our own needs, and your behaviors you are not only much more likely to achieve the things you seek but also really learn from your past successes and mistakes.

In this way, you are in charge, and not you’re subconscious. But even more importantly, as you live consciously, you are now learning, and can modify old beliefs with your new adult experiences. This means that your automatic responses, which you will always have to rely on for those sudden and immediate responses will now respond along the lines of the person you, are now.

How to Attain Financial Success

Most people find it easy to make financial resolutions at the beginning of the year. However, it is easy to take resolutions at any time of the year and some of the most important tips include the following.

Spend less than you earn: It is one of the basic rules of attaining financial success. Learn to spend less than your overall income. This will help to reduce over-expenditure and debt.

Right job: Another simple way to attain financial success is to find the right job. Know your productivity and evaluate your talents and skills. Analyze your productivity to the company so that you are not underpaid for your contributions.

Budget: It is always important to have a budget so that it is easy to know the overall income and expenditure.

Retirement plan: One of the best ways to save for the future is by contributing to retirement plan. Banks and insurance companies offer attractive retirement plan that is necessary to attain financial success.

Credit card debt: It is quite easy to use credit cards but it is one of the main obstacles in achieving financial success. It is important to remember that it is real money that we are paying while using credit cards. Even though most of the purchasers resolve to pay off the debt quickly, it seldom happens quickly which results in paying a larger interest rate.

Investment: One of the best ways to achieve financial stability is through proper investments.

Savings plan: Remember to save a small percentage of your income every month so as to increase your overall savings. To have a healthy saving, it is important to save a small amount every month even before you start paying your bills.
Insurance coverage: It is necessary to own a proper insurance to protect your family and loved ones in the future. However, it is senseless to pay huge premium amounts if there are no dependents. Choose a wise insurance coverage to attain financial stability.

Write a will: Another important aspect of ensuring financial stability is to write a will regardless of how much or how little income a person owns.

Employment benefits: Most of the companies grant employment benefits to employees that include medical and health insurance, dental insurance and so forth. It is pertinent to take maximum advantage of these facilities so that taxes and overall expenditure can be reduced.

Harnessing the Power of the Sub-Conscious Mind

The human sub conscious mind has vast and indefinite powers. But there are millions of people who are unaware and unable to tap the power of the sub conscious mind and create a vast difference in various aspects of their lives. The sub conscious mind translates all the thoughts, emotions and feelings of the mind and creates both positive and negative situations in life. It is our thoughts that create our lives. When we are confronted with positive thoughts, it tends to attract positive situations in life and vice-versa.

The Power of Thoughts

Thoughts have immense power to attract situations or circumstances in our lives. Thoughts influence our lives in an enormous manner. It actually determines our success and failure. Human mind is basically categorized into two-the conscious mind and the sub conscious mind. There are many ways to condition the sub conscious mind in a positive manner so that it creates and attracts positive situations in life.

The sub conscious mind is constantly functioning and grows on the thoughts fed to it day and night. These thoughts-both negative and positive manifest in your life. So it is important to condition or train the sub conscious mind to accept only positive and affirmative thoughts as the sub conscious mind accepts all the thoughts programmed into it. The sub conscious mind lacks the power to rationalize and therefore accepts all the thoughts that flow into it, as the truth.

Tips to Train the Sub Conscious Mind

There are many ways to train the sub conscious mind to achieve success, wealth and happiness. In fact, the sub conscious mind can even heal body ailments through mind therapies.

Affirmations: The sub conscious mind should be conditioned with positive statements or affirmations. When the conscious mind repeats a thought or desire, the sub conscious mind accepts it to be the truth and acts upon these thoughts. This belief is true in case of negative thoughts too. So it is pertinent to avoid all negative beliefs and thoughts so that it seldom affects the sub conscious mind. Any repeated thought or desire that is seated in the sub conscious mind and manifests in the form of physical situations. To achieve positive results, it is important to banish all negative thoughts.

Set a goal: To achieve desired outcomes, it is quite pertinent to set a goal. The power of the sub conscious mind can be tapped when a realistic goal is set.

The power of the sub conscious mind can be harnessed by repeating positive thoughts and setting a realistic goal.