The Unfathomable Power of Your Mind

Every thought we think has immense power to change our lives. With our thoughts, we have the power to create the world we live in. Our thoughts create feelings which are replicated in our actions and the circumstances of our lives. Each and every moment, we create the world we want to live in with our thoughts.

Our thoughts affect the words we speak and this creates a powerful effect in the world. It is possible to train and control the mind to create positive situations in life.

How to Tap the Power of the Mind?

There are many ways to control the mind and harness its powers. Some of the most important tips include the following.

Control your thoughts: We alone have the power to control our thoughts. We often let our thoughts wander from one point to another without a destination. Thoughts need to be controlled and conditioned appropriately. By controlling the mind, it is possible to unleash the hidden power within the sub conscious mind. The human mind witnesses various situations in life, but we have the power to control our thoughts associated with these situations. A negative situation may direct our thoughts to anger and resentment whereas a positive situation creates happiness within us. We have several options and in order to condition our sub conscious mind, we need to accept a calm attitude with affirmative beliefs.

Create your thoughts purposefully: To control your mind, you need to create your thoughts purposefully. Choose your thoughts and repeat affirmative thoughts so that the sub conscious mind accepts it and creates positive situation in life.

Dwell on positive thoughts: Let your mind dwell on positive and favorite thoughts all the time so that there is no time to think about fear, resentment, anger, hatred and so forth. Most of the successful people have fewer thoughts and this is evident through various studies. Keep the mind engaged with healthy and pleasant thoughts.

Accept changes: Broaden the horizons of your thought process. Accept changes in your life with a broad perspective. The human mind has the power to generate reality. But it is important to harness the power of the sub conscious mind to achieve the desired positive results in life.

A considerable amount of discipline is highly essential to harness the power of your mind. In comparison to the effort and discipline required to tap the power of the sub conscious mind, the benefits gained are quite enormous.

What are your Money Beliefs ?

How to attract more money by being aware of your negative money beliefs and transforming them into positive beliefs?

Do you keep working and still find it difficult to make enough money? Struggling to manifest your material wealth?

Well, it can be that you have negative money beliefs stored in the corners of your sub conscious mind that you are not aware of.

Negative money beliefs are those damaging and hidden thoughts that sabotage your best intents. They are the beliefs that come from what others say or what others will like us to believe.
Your own money beliefs are unconsciously ingrained since your childhood days because of the beliefs of your family. It might well be that people around you blamed or criticized or discussed money problems and their repeated words made an imprint in your subconscious that stay with you all your life.

Negative common Money beliefs :

1.Money doesn’t grow on trees.
2.Money is evil.
3.Money goes out faster than it comes in.
4.The cost of living is so high that it is impossible to keep up.
5.It’s hard to hold onto money.
6.It’s better to save money. You never know when the rainy day will come.
7.A Depression can come at any moment.
8.Only people who cheat have money.
9.Money only comes from hard work.
10.I can only earn more when I put in more hours at work.
11.Rich people are greedy and dishonest.
12.It is a sin to have a lot of money.
13.Spiritual people are not supposed to be rich.
14.Poor people can never get out from under.
15.Rich people are seldom happy.
16.I need lots of money first to make more money.
17.There is a limit to how much I can earn.

Most of our negative money beliefs are the result of our low self-esteem. Thoughts of unworthiness will not be able to attract the same vibration frequency of money that you need to attract more money.

Some more negative beliefs….

 1.I do not deserve success.
 2.I do not have unique talents or abilities.
 3.Others just do not like me.
 4.I’m not good enough to make money.
 5.I cannot handle or manage money well.
 6.I will never get a good job.
 7.I resents others having money.
 8.I will never be able to make much money
 9.It is just too difficult to get ahead based on my lack of academic qualifications.
10.Artists (or whatever your profession is) have to struggle hard to earn a living.
11.Making money is just too difficult.
12.I don’t like being in the limelight.
13.I will never be a millionaire.
14.I find it hard to value my own potential.
15.I just don’t like to think about money.
16.Without money, I am worth nothing.
17.I cannot be happy if I am rich.
18.I do not like to take responsibility.
19.I am never lucky.
20.I feel safe being poor.
21.The more money I have, the more problems I will have.
22.There is no need for more since I can’t take it with me anyway.

You need to address money beliefs at root causes; otherwise you would have largely missed addressing them at the right areas. Working on self-love issues opens you to receiving abundance more freely into your life. The entire process of working on yourself is based on the principle of repeated affirmations. The moment you transform your negative beliefs, you will be able to manifest your wealth.

Just remember this:

The secret to attracting more money is in changing your vibration to match the vibration of money.

Vibrations are the energy you emit due to your beliefs in your unconscious. It’s your thought. You have a vibration right now, though you may not be aware of it.

Money has its own energy.
You have your own energy.
If they both match, you will both attract each other.

To change your vibrations or beliefs towards money, Listen to the self-motivated Money Chalisa Audio CD and allow it to give you a new belief system.
After all, if you truly get what you believe, then shouldn’t you start believing in something that will bring you freedom?

You deserve it, right?

The fact of the matter…

Money itself is neutral. But you aren’t neutral about it. You have beliefs about it. Those beliefs create an energy that attracts it or repels it.
Since you need it, doesn’t it make sense to be at peace with it?

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  • Imagine money coming to you easily…
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  • Imagine buying what you want for yourself or others…
  • Imagine being able to help family, friends and causes you believe in…
  • Imagine looking at your bank account and seeing a LOT of money there!

Listen to them every day. Read it twice a day.
All it takes is 30 minutes of your entire day. Don’t think about it. Don’t worry about it. Don’t do anything else.
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The Power of Positive Thinking and Attitude

Positive thinking or optimism has had profound influence on the life of millions of people who believe in its power. This attitude brings about a constructive change in the life of a person. Positive attitude makes you happier and successful in life. It is easier to see the bright side of things when you are an optimistic. It is important to develop a positive state of mind so as to achieve success, happiness and health in life.

Optimism is a beneficial state of mind that facilitates in healing ailments in a quicker pace. Positive thoughts fill your lives with energy that vibrate in your entire surrounding. With a positive attitude it is possible to decrease your stress levels and increase your determination level to a huge extent.

Benefits of Positive Thinking and Attitude

By maintaining a positive mind set, it is possible to focus your mind on a desired objective or goal. Your stress levels are decreased to a large extent which allows you to work towards your goal with determination and dedication. Negativity can drain your strength and distract you from achieving your goals in life.

Positive attitude heals the mind and the body. Human mind has amazing powers to heal the body. Through positive attitude and thinking powers, it is possible to heal the body of ailments. A sound mind is essential for a sound body.

Positive thinking acts as a source of motivation to achieve the desired goals. When we are motivated we tend to achieve what might seem impossible.

Manifestations of Positive Attitude

  • View failures are blessings in disguise
  • Constructive thinking
  • Creative thinking
  • Improved self esteem and confidence levels
  • Expect success
  • Visualizing opportunities
  • State of happiness
  • Seeking solutions for problems
  • Belief in yourself and your skills

Positive attitude and thinking has many beneficial features as it gives more happiness and renewed energy to face adversities in life. Optimistic people are admired and respected for their attitude as the world is filled with hatred and negative thoughts.

With an optimistic attitude, fewer difficulties are encountered in your way and you are able to achieve success quickly and easily. Optimistic people are able to motivate and inspire others efficiently. It is important to develop a positive attitude to achieve success in life. Surround and associate yourself with positive people. Read inspiring books and quotes to develop positive attitude and thoughts.

How to Increase Confidence and Self Esteem

The lack of confidence and self esteem can be identified as the root causes for failure in relationships and work. Even the most successful people in life tend to feel depressed and doubtful at times. It is quite natural to feel lack of confidence at times. But negative thoughts can have a drastic effect on both professional and personal life of a person. There are many ways to boost self confidence and self esteem. Most successful people have feared and doubted if they could ever achieve the goals set. However, a strong faith in the self can help to achieve even the most difficult goals with ease.

Tips to Boost Self Confidence

Be positive: One of the best ways to improve self confidence is to think positively. Be optimistic and repeat positive thoughts every day to yourself. Believe that you are unique and deserve to be happy, wealthy and successful. Set higher goals in life and believe that you deserve the best in life. Failure is a part of any endeavor, so learn to take it in your stride and try again. Failures are nothing but lessons that will improve your attempts in the future.

Take the plunge: Remember no one is perfect and to err is human. Every man makes mistakes and if you wait to be perfect, then you will have to wait forever. Most people seldom take the plunge as they lack confidence and fear failure. The fear of making mistakes can diminish your confidence. So try to take on challenging and difficult tasks and set goals. Each task is a new experience in itself that makes you grow.

Experiences: Most of the successful people have learnt from their past mistakes and therefore they are less afraid of accepting challenges and setting difficult goals. Fear diminishes all your skills and talents so let it not affect your skill set and personality.

Laugh at your own follies: A good sense of humor is essential to raise your self confidence. Every man makes follies and mistakes. Learn to visualize your mistakes with a sense of humor and strive to improve on your mistakes. Practice makes man perfect and it is only through steady practice that you can achieve perfection. Self confidence grows steadily along with practice.

Every person on earth is unique and incomparable. Remember that there is no one on earth like you and you can never be replaced. This simple thought can increase your self esteem by many folds.

How to Create the Life You Want

To create the life you want it is essential to understand your priorities and personal values. Your personal values essentially describe what is important to you in life. It is all about your true self. When you are clear about your views in life, the entire universe also knows what you desire in life. Opportunities and situations appear in your life when you know what you desire in life.

Once you set the goals in life, you begin to prioritize the usage of time and work towards your goal with determination and dedication. You begin to honor your personal values and it motivates you to achieve your goals. It is important to live life based on a set of moral values and behave accordingly. People who alter their attitude for the sake of others find themselves in unfulfilling and unhappy situations.

Some Useful Tips

Relax and reflect: Today most of us are too busy to enjoy life as it is. Hectic work schedule and the desire to amass huge amount of wealth has drained us emotionally and physically. Stress, anxiety and health issues are some of the most common problems faced by most of the people these days. It is time to evaluate your priorities and focus on important personal values in life

List out some of the most important things in your life and the list may seem endless. It is important to give time for yourself. We spend most of our lives for the others. But it is also important to love, nurture and connect yourself with the nature and the universe.

Write down the goals you want to achieve in life and work towards these goals. First it is important to have a clear vision of your dreams, plan and then convert them to reality.

When your goals are clear, it is easy to stay focused and work towards these goals easily. Without proper focus, it is quite difficult to attract the right situations in life. We tend to send mixed messages to the universe.

Learn to redefine failure. Failure is nothing but a learning experience. Without experiencing failure, it is quite impossible to achieve success. It is also important to learn how to face fear. Surrender to your fears and take the plunge. Your fear weakens and vanishes completely.

What you give to the world comes back to you in one way or the other. And this is a universal truth. When you hurt others with your words, you hurt yourself too.

Finally, be responsible for what you are and your life as no one else can be held responsible for it.

How to Achieve your Entire Goal

Every person has certain goals set in their lives and many people know how to achieve their goals. It is important to have a clear and concise idea of your goals before striving to achieve it. Lack of self confidence and self doubt can cause hindrances in your path towards success. Commitment is quite essential to achieve any particular goal. There are many easy steps to achieve your entire goals and some of the most useful steps are mentioned below.

Tips to Achieve your Entire Goals

Set priorities: Always set priorities on your time. Try to analyze what is preventing you from striving towards your goals.

Self confidence: One of the most important aspects of achieving your desires and dreams is through self confidence. Believe that you deserve the best and work towards it with confidence. Let your subconscious mind believe that you can achieve your dreams through dedication and hard work. And then work towards that goal.

Power of visualization: Always visualize the goal you wish to achieve. Through visualization, it is possible and easier to achieve your goals. Repeat the thought and image in your mind over and over again so that it is deep seated in your mind forever. The power of the sub conscious mind is unfathomable. Positive thoughts and energy tend to attract positive situations in life.

Focus or concentration: To achieve your goals, concentration or focus plays a prominent role. Human mind tends to wander away from positive thoughts. Hold your thoughts when it becomes negative and replace it with positive thoughts immediately.

Fear of failure: Most people refrain from accepting challenges as they fear failure. Consider failure as a part of the growth process. Fear and self doubt can prevent you from achieving your goals and accept the truth and take the plunge. Most of the successful people in life have faced their inner most fear and emerged triumphantly. 

Affirmations: Another easy step to achieve your goals is through affirmations. Repeat positive statements over and over again to program your sub conscious mind.

Smaller goals: Try to sub divide your large goals into smaller ones which are easier to achieve. It can be concerning your health, professional achievement or relationships. This ensures a proper planning and focus level to achieve to desired goals.

It is possible to achieve any goal with the right amount of commitment, dedication and hard work. Meticulous planning is also required to achieve your goals.