Our Relationship

All the relations we have with other people are projections of the relationships we have with ourselves. You may wonder if it holds true? Let’s find out.
Our thoughts are like a lens filter. This filter processes the people around us depending upon whatever we imagine. Suppose you imagine liking somebody, you would imagine it to be in your thoughts first. The other person may have a completely different relationship to you. So your relationship with someone includes what you think of that person and what you believe s/he thinks of you. You’re always viewing your relationships through the lens of your own consciousness. 
What would be it be like trying to find the color blue with a red lens permanently taped over your eyes? Same is true for our perception of others. If at one point, somebody misbehaves with us, we form a perception, a lens filter for that person. The moment we are going to meet the person again, our filter turns on because in our thoughts and imagination, we have formed an image of dis-like for that personOr maybe, imagined that person misbehaving with us again.
For others to like us or for us to form good external relationships, we must establish strong internal relationship with our self. If we imagine good relations, we will automatically attract good people in our life that we can gel with.
Once you hold unconditional love in your consciousness, and you’ll see it reflected in your reality.

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