Tips to Improve Memory with Mind Power

Human mind possesses unfathomable power to focus, concentrate and perform activities. Today success is the primary goal in every person’s life. Students strive to achieve success in their academic career; grown-ups want to obtain success in their careers, life and relationships. Undoubtedly, success depends on memory power to a huge extent. The sub-conscious mind and memory are two aspects which are deeply intertwined with one another. The sub-conscious mind is a store-house of infinite memories of the human mind. There are many ways to improve memory by utilizing the power of the sub conscious mind.

Some Important Ways to Improve the Memory

Today most of the students find it difficult to concentrate on their studies and achieve good marks. There are students who find it difficult to sit for an hour or less, without any sort of distraction, and study their daily lessons. Concentration is a key factor to improving memory power.

Some students study their daily lessons as a routine without proper focus or concentration. As a result they tend to forget all the lessons they have learnt during the time of exams. Many factors can be attributed to the lack of concentration and distractions. Modern life style is built upon electronic gadgets and even children find it difficult to live life without these gadgets. There are three different methods to improve the memory of students so that they find it easy to achieve success in their academic career.

Visualization : The endless power of the sub conscious mind can be utilized through the process of visualization. Names of places, dates, numbers and so forth need to be visualized with details, colors and flavors so that it is easy for the sub conscious mind to recall the details. It is important never to memorize details without adding an interesting context to it. Memories can be conditioned by adding interesting and colorful facts to it. The sub conscious mind will help to visualize the incidents and this will help to strengthen your memory power.
Condition the memory: One of the most popular and well known methods of improving memory power is by conditioning memories. Students can use the important landmarks in their lives and connect it to the details they wish to learn or memorize. This makes it easier for them to recall the incidents effortlessly. Human mind works in a flow of consciousness manner. The daily incidents of your life can be conditioned with the lessons you learn in school or universities. It is then deeply rooted in your sub-conscious mind and quite easy to recall.

Dependence on gadgets  : Although modern gadgets have made life easy, it has also handicapped mankind in different ways. Students find it easier to use a calculator or computer to learn their lessons rather than use their own inner capabilities. Human mind or rather, the sub conscious mind has amazing powers to adapt, inculcate and recall details. A conscious effort need to be made to rely on your memory power instead of using electronic devices. The sub conscious mind will then receive the required positive signals to boost your memory power.

Pursue A New Happier Life

TURN YOUR LIFE AROUND: 6 steps to pursue a New Happier Life

You often say to yourself, “I know there is happiness and magic out there somewhere….. Someday, there will be a way out!  , Someday; I’m going to be happy……., Someday I’ll be free to follow my heart!”
The wish list is too long…but till the time you decide that, SOMEDAY is TODAY… No someday is going to come.
If you wish to “Start Today” and ride to a happier place, then read on...otherwise comeback “someday”.

Let’s begin. Tighten your seat belts and follow:
1. KNOW- Know exactly what you want! What will give you more satisfaction? Focus & find – what gives you   ultimate joy? Only if your destination is clear, you can plan how to reach there.

2. CHECK the speed breakers on the road you want to pursue i.e. the obstacles that are stopping you from creating a better life. They could be lack of time, money, confidence or opportunity. 

3. Now relax and find out the reasons for these obstacles. REALIZE that most obstacles are self-created because of your fear and limiting thoughts. So stop making excuses. Tell your mind, to shut up and listen. Find out ways and don’t find excuses.

4. The work is half-done. PREPARE a plan of action that will help you overcome the speed-breakers and enable smooth ride. Remember, it’s not just another “someday”, It’s Today & today is the day for change.

5. Once you have the plan, pack your bags and DRIVE your car. Follow your heart and be consistent in your effort. Be DETERMINED to reach.

 6. Start living the life you desire. BELIEVE in yourself. Believe in your abilities to create change. Thought followed by action creates reality.
There has never been a better time to begin living a better life. It’s TODAY!
So, what are you waiting for? Start creating your amazing new life today.

Try the millionaire mindset

We all think, earning money is a very long process and one has to go step-by-step to climb the richness ladder and sit on a satisfying position. “Money never come easy”, “money is never enough”. These are few simple thoughts blocking us from being rich.
Money is an energy which flows into our pocket only if we maintain a healthy, friendly relationship with money. Establishing this relationship is definitely a step by step process. First step is to cultivate an extraordinary mindset. 

Our mindset and beliefs have created our current financial reality. To be rich, we need the right mindset to attract money. We need to think “Money comes to me easily”; “Money comes very fast, “Money is in plenty for me”. These thoughts come only when you imagine “Money as your best friend who has a good understanding with you and comes when you call for it.

Second step is “Trust” in your Friend- Money. The friendship you cultivated with money in the first step must now be strengthened by trust. Eliminate all doubts and visualize the money friend coming to you not only when invited but also uninvited. I’m sure; you will love the money as uninvited guest also!
These two steps are no magic but will definitely bless you with prosperous life and bring a magical smile on your face.

Keep in mind, the universe will only send gifts which we ask for. We will definitely get lots of money, if we ask with a right mindset.
This process is tax-free. There is no harm in trying so, Let’s Try the Millionaire Mindset!